How to Fix Operating System not Found in Windows 10

It can be really frustrating when you get the error message error message “Operating System Not Found” while you start your Windows and get a black screen

Well, in this case you will be unable to boot into Windows. The error indicates that Windows will not be able to boot due to missing operating system or Windows unable to read it.

The reason for the error can be software or hardware problems. Based on the configuration of your system you can get the message while starting Windows.

Reset your BIOS Configuration to Default

Switch off your laptop, and then switch it ON again and at the same time keep pressing F2, DEL/F12 (based on your manufacturer) so that you can enter the BIOS setup.

Look for reset option in order to load – default configuration and then it can be named like – Reset to default/Load factory defaults/Clear BIOS settings/Load setup defaults etc.

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Select it using the arrow keys and then hit- Enter, and next you need to confirm the operation. BIOS will be reset to default settings

Now try again to log in to the system and check if the error has been fixed.

Set Accurate – Boot Disk Priority

You may encounter the error – “Operating System Not Found Error” due to boot order not being set accurately means the PC tries to boot using another source that is not having an OS and hence fails to accomplish the task.

So resolve this problem, all you need to do is set hard disk as the first thing boot order. Here is how you can set correct boot order-

When your PC starts (prior to boot screen/error screen), keep pressing Delete/F1/F2 key (based on PC’s manufacturer) so that you can enter – BIOS setup.

After you enter – BIOS setup, choose the tab – Boot from list of options.

Ensure that the hard disk/SSD of the computer is set to top priority in Boot order. In case it is not then press up/down arrow keys to set your hard disk to the top due to which computer will boot itself instead of using external source.

Lastly, press – F10 to apply the changes and then simply exit. This should solve the error – Operating System Not Found Error

Carry out – Hard Disk Diagnostic Test

In case the error – Operating System Not Found Error still exist then it may be due to failure of hard disk

In such cases, you may need to replace your old HDD/SSD with new one and then try to install Windows once again. Make sure that before you jump to any conclusion, you should use Diagnostic tool which helps you check if your hard disk needs replacement or not.

In order to carry out Diagnostics, just restart the PC and after the PC starts(prior to boot screen), simply press – F12 key and once you see the Boot menu, select the option- Boot to Utility Partition /Diagnostics and then press – enter to carry out the -Diagnostics.

It will check your system’s hardware automatically and will send the report if any problem is detected.

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