How to Fix Low Disk Space in Windows 10

Low disk space is a common problem faced by Windows 10 users especially with system partition C and not many users know how to fix this problem. This article will elaborate on the solutions that will help you fix the issue – Windows 10 Low Disk Space

In order to resolve Windows 10 low disk space problem you need to carry out the steps given below

Step 1Clean up disk so that you can delete junk files

When you see the notification for low disk space, you can turn ON storage sense and then click – Free up storage space windows retrieve disk space or you can simply run – standalone utility- Disk Cleanup

Press – Windows + R from the keyboard, now type – diskmgr and then hit – enter.

Select  – C: or the drive which is having low disk space

Choose the files you wish to delete and then click – OK.

Repeat to – Clean up system files

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The above step is important for computers where the disk space has never been freed or not vacated for a long time. This will help you retrieve free space of 10GB.

Step 2 – Enlarge C: drive

When you install Windows, the hard drives are automatically allocated but your C drive is extendable with space not used in other partition without the need to re-install.

This particular step is quite crucial for computer using SSD & C drive being created small. Else you may come across the issue low disk space over and over again.

Apart from extending the disk partitions and resizing, the tool is helpful in moving, merging, copying, converting, defragging, hiding partitions and scanning bad sectors too.

Steps 3- Automatically delete junk files

Windows 10 comes with the feature to automatically delete junk files. So, it keeps your C drive clean.

Now you have to enable this feature

Press  – Windows + X from keyboard, and then – Settings

Move to – System–Storage

Switch OFF to ON below Storage Sense towards right side.

Now click – “Change how we free up space automatically” just below it.

You get different options –

From the given list select free up disk space – when the partition faces low disk space issue or to every day/week/month.

Next, select whether to delete temporary files automatically.

Or from drop-down list select – delete files in Recycle Bin & Downloads folder in case they are stored there for more than 1/14/30/60 days.

Steps 4- Modify the new files location

Certain file types like documents, apps, pictures, music, videos though not junk but they get added frequently.

There is another amazing Windows 10 feature that saves these file types to another partition.

Press –  Windows + X using keyboard, now click – Settings

Click – SystemStorage.

Click – “Change where new content is saved” below – “More storage settings

Click on drop-down list to choose the new location and then click – Apply

Once you finish the steps given above, you will be able to resolve the error low disk space on Windows 10 computer easily.

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