How to fix corrupted windows 10

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Windows users face this error and one of the annoying encountered by many Windows 10 users is system corruption. Corruption exhibits in different ways from blue screen to black screens of death (BSOD) and driver errors. Here are some solutions that you can try to fix this issue.

System File Checker

This is amongst the best tool that helps repair corrupted Windows installation which is – System File Checker (SFC).

Just like other effective tool from Microsoft’s, SFC also executes through command line. After running the program, it will check Windows thoroughly for traces of damage.

Once SFC detects the files that are damaged files, it repairs them automatically.

SFC works better when used in Safe Mode. You may want to Users may wish to restart your PC in Safe Mode, prior starting with the process the step mentioned below can be considered but not necessary.

In order to open – SFC, open command prompt. You can do it by typing – CMD into Windows 10 search bar, then right clicking on – Command, and selecting –Run as administrator.

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After you open the command prompt you need to type in the following commands and hit enter

sfc /scannow

SFC.EXE successfully repairs a lot of issues. In case SFC fails, there is another amazing tool known as DISM( Deployment Imaging Service and Management (DISM) can be used.

DISM in some cases needs the original installation device like USB/ flash drive/optical disc.

DISM (deployment Imaging Service and Management)

When  SFC fails repairing Windows, DISM is yet another helpful tool that you can use.

DISM, same like SFC.EXE, provides a lot of command line options. It communicates majorly with Windows system images (.WIM files).

DISM is useful as it can repair, scan and clean up the WIM files creating issues.

After windows is repaired, you can run SFC.EXE command (In case it didn’t work the first time ).

The chances of SFC failure are quite rare — but in case it happens, you can use DISM which gives the simple repair solution.

In order to scan the installation to check errors and repair it, just open- Command prompt and type the command given below.

DISM /online /cleanup-image /RestoreHealth

This proves would take nearly 15 minutes to finish. It may stuck when it is 20% complete, which is fine

Once DISM completes, it would create a detailed report for possible Windows system file problems.

DISM tells the user whether repair operation got completed successfully or not. In case it doesn’t then the feature displays the error log.

Windows Troubleshooters

In case you are facing issues with networking like driver, internet, audio/sound or almost any problem, Windows Troubleshooters actually should be tried as the first solution to deal with the issue

Press- Windows key + Q, type –troubleshooting, and now choose the respective result.

Once the Troubleshooting window expands, you may wish to select – View all located at left pane.

Check View all to discover the details of Windows 10 troubleshooters. It includes most of Windows subsystems, like printer, sound and network.

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