How to fix error code 0xc000000e in windows 10

The 0xc000000e error occurs when you try to boot up windows which means the issues occurs due to corrupted Boot Configuration Data.

In this case you need to boot into BIOS to alter the boot order and then let your computer boot through recovery drive rather than through hard drive. In order to accomplish this process you need to follow the below steps

Enter into BIOS/UEFI settings which can be done by pressing key designated by the manufacturer of your motherboard prior to when Windows boots. Basically the key would be Esc, Delete, F2, F8, F10, F12/ Backspace, based on the manufacturer.

After you enter go to – Boot and follow the instructions given inside BIOS so that you can modify the boot order, and then set CD-ROM or USB port to make it the 1st device, based on  whether the recovery drive you are using is a CD/flash drive.

Save the settings and simply exit.

Rebuild – Boot Configuration Data

In order to complete this task, boot the PC via recovery drive. After PC gets booted via recovery drive, the steps given below will help you rebuild BCD

In-Windows Setup dialog box, change everything to relevant values, choose your language and click

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Towards left corner at the bottom, click –Repair your computer, and then select- Troubleshoot from-Choose an option screen.

On the screen –Troubleshoot, click – Advanced Options, and then click –Command Prompt.

When you see the -Command Prompt, type the commands given below and press – Enter from keyboard after every command

bootrec /scanos

bootrec /fixmbr

bootrec /fixboot

bootrec /rebuildbcd

Reboot the computer, which should ideally boot up normally without any problems.

Repair OS using recovery drive

This solution tends to repair OS with help of command prompt of your recovery drive, and then you will be able to boot into easily. Boot through recovery drive, and next you need to carry out the steps below

Carry out steps 1-3 from earlier solution to enter – Command Prompt of recovery drive.

Once you open Command Prompt, type commands stated below and press –Enter using your keyboard to run them. The utility- StartRep.exe will correct the values of boot environment and solve BCD error. remember you may need to carry out this step several times if it fails to perform.

cd x:\sources\recovery


In case the earlier step used for repairing Windows did not work for you then, in command prompt type – bcdedit to check values assigned for Windows Boot Manager.

Note down the Device values. In case they are – unknown, then type the commands given below and press enter after every command to run them.  Remember you need to replace C: with the particular partition on which your OS has been installed, if required.

bcedit /set {DEFAULT.EN_US} device partition=c:

bcedit /set {DEFAULT.EN_US} osdevice partition=c:

bcedit /set {BOOTMGR.EN_US} device partition=c:

When command prompt’s job is over then close it and take out the recovery drive and reboot the machine. Now, you shouldn’t encounter any problems with booting.

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