Cookies in Windows 10?

Cookies are short text files of information that identify you and determine where you’ve been on the web. When using cookies on the internet it can be very helpful to allow sites access to cookies because cookies can save useful information such as usernames, the weather, passwords if you choose and if you are shopping it can also save your shopping cart information as well. Cookies are also files that can remain on your computer for years. Files can easily be deleted by going into the settings option on your browser. Once you have chosen the option to delete your cookies make sure you choose carefully which cookies you want to delete because if you want to keep your username and account information don’t select it to be deleted. There are options in the delete cookies menu that you can select rather than deleting all cookies from your browser.

Is enabling cookies a good idea?

I feel enabling cookies on your internet device is a good idea as it creates an overall good experience on the internet. Sometimes you may not be able to access a wireless connection without enabling cookies first. However, you do have to be careful to make sure that third parties do not get access to your information so it helps to be selective on certain sites. Cookies are not a threat for viruses or malware so that is another plus as well. Setting your browser to ask your permission before accepting cookies can be helpful. Most internet sites will let you know that they use cookies and you can select whether you agree or not to allow the cookies to be used on the site you are viewing. Being able to control how cookies are used makes surfing the internet user-friendly as well.

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Enabling cookies on Windows 10

Windows Edge is the default browser on Windows 10 and enabling cookies is a rather easy task. A few simple clicks can get the job done smoothly and effectively.
Here are the 6 quick and easy simple steps to enable cookies by clicking the options with your keyboard mouse.
The first thing you should do is to open the windows edge browser by clicking on the icon from your desktop. Next, select the more actions button which is on the top right corner of your browser it has three dots and it looks like a line. Once the menu comes up select the settings option. -Now click view advanced settings. It’s located at the bottom of the page so scroll down a little bit and you should see it. On this page under the cookies field press the drop-down arrow. The last thing to do is to select the option for don’t block cookies.
Exit these settings by clicking anywhere else on the screen outside of that menu box to go back to the main browser homepage. Now cookies are enabled on your Windows 10 browser just by doing a few simple easy steps which take under 5 minutes.

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